Miles Buob

I was born and raised in Rockford, Illinois and moved to Madison at the age of 14. I attended elementary and middle school in Rockford and spent a semester at Guilford high school in Rockford. Halfway through freshman year, I moved and came to East High in Madison. I can confidently say that it was one of the best choices my family has made. I come from an intelligent, but low income family. I understand the strains money can put on one's life by watching my parents raise my sister and I. I'm not going to say things were extremely, but I did miss out on many opportunities growing up. I have a very supportive family and I owe a lot of my accomplishments to their support.


Currently, I work for Madison Schools and Community Recreation or MSCR. I work in the aquatics department and teach swim lessons to children and the occasional adult. The ages I teach can range from newborn babies all the way up to senior citizens who want to be able to swim with their grandchildren. It is an amazingly rewarding job and has made me truly appreciate teachers from viewing things from their perspective.

I plan on pursuing a degree in engineering. I love building and tinkering with things to understand how they work. My dream is to gain a job where I may be able to work as an engineering and travel around the globe doing what I love. Currently, I am considering looking into consulting work for the engineering field I would like to work in.


My vision for the future is to use my skills and what I learn at UW-Madison to help people on a global scale. I plan on joining Engineers without Borders so that I may go abroad and help communities that need it. I am also very interested in joining the peace corps after I graduate. I feel that my overall purpose is to get out and help people.


The Arndt family scholarship has relieved me of an incredible amount of stress. I noticed in an article by the Huffington Post that the average student loan debt post undergraduate school has reached $29,400 in 2012. With tuition increasing yearly that number is even larger today. I find it to be a dream come true that I no longer need to worry about that hefty financial burden. It relieves me that all I need to focus on are my studies. I am incredibly grateful to the Arndt Family for providing me with this opportunity. When I receive the opportunity, I will pass on the favor to another youth.


 The Arndt Family Scholarship has relieved my mother of an immense amount of stress. She not longer has to worry that her son will be trapped in debt like she once was. My father is completely relieved as well, because he was also worried about the financial burden I would face, had I not received this amazing scholarship. My grandparents are also overjoyed with the idea of me not having to worry about tuition with this scholarship. All in all, The Arndt family Scholarship has had an enormous impact upon my life and the lives of those around me.