Gabriel Surges

Gabe was born in Baraboo, WI and moved around to multiple places before settling in Madison at age 12. He and his sisters were raised by their single mother. As such, he often stayed home and watched them while his mother worked. He played football, basketball, and ran track in high school at Madison East before graduating in 2012. Gabe graduated in Spring '16 with a degree in Neurobiology and currently works at the Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research in the department of Anesthesiology. He will be attending the Medical College of Wisconsin (MKE) in the Fall of 2018 to pursue his Master's in Anesthesia.


Before graduating from high school, Gabe didn’t necessarily know to consider UW – Madison as an option. He is a first generation university student and did not believe he belonged at such an institution. The Arndt Family Scholarship and all of it’s associates have not only showed him that he does indeed belong there, but that it was entirely possible to excel here if he puts in the necessary effort. This scholarship has allowed him to focus not on the financial burden that would have been imposed on him and his family, but his potential to give back to the community.