Joey Hannah

Background: I was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI about 20 minutes southwest of downtown. I was raised by my parents Mark and Kay who did a great job of supporting all of my ambitions while teaching me how to be a respectful and responsible individual. I attended Greenfield High School where I lettered in four sports, participated in the marching band all four years, and was also a member of the national honor society for three years. I graduated 11th in my class of 333.

Current Status: I have just completed my sophomore year at the University of Wisconsin Madison where I am majoring in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Structural Engineering. In addition to the classes I have taken for my major, I have also studied music, philosophy, anthropology, and computer science.

Professional Goals: After graduating with my bachelor’s degree I’m hoping to work for a home building company, and maybe even start my own if the opportunity presents itself. I’ve alwayshad a passion for architecture, and I feel pursuing a career as a structural engineer rather than an architect will better challenge me and will tap into my intellectual potential more thoroughly.

Vision for the Future: In the future, it is my hope to have graduated and begin a fulfilling and successful career in home building. Once I’ve established myself and have become professionally and financially stable I would like to start a family. I would also like to earn my Professional Engineering license which is usually achieved four years after graduating from college.

Scholarship Impact: When I initially applied to the University of Wisconsin-Madison my family and I were unsure if this was financially possible. Knowing that I had worked for so long and so hard to earn the opportunity to attend an institution of such esteemed accreditation, only for that dream to die due to finances was quite discouraging. We decided as a family that I should go to Madison and find a way to afford it via loans because we all agreed that it was something I deserved. While I was very happy to be attending the school of my dreams, knowing that putting such a financial strain on my parents was very worrisome. When I learned of the Arndt Family Scholarship and later being informed that I would be receiving it, my family was so relieved and this allowed me to be more focused on my academics and kept my dreams still in tact.

Our improved livelihood: Being awarded this scholarship has not only relieved an immense amount of stress from myself and my parents, but as a result I’m happier and I’m even more inspired to do my best in my academic endeavors. The Arndt’s have made me feel as if I was part of their family and because of their astounding generosity it has given me even more determination to achieve my dreams that they have given me the opportunity to chase.