Aria Guglielmina

My name is Aria Guglielmina. I went to high school at James Madison Memorial and am currently a senior at UW-Madison. Right now I am finishing up my degrees in Psychology and Spanish and am set to graduate in the spring. My days consist of working at the front desk at the University’s Health Services, studying, playing music, volunteering, and spending time with friends. I plan to take a year off after graduation to explore my interests and am currently looking for a job in human services. Ultimately, I hope to go into counseling and plan on attending graduate school for either clinical or counseling psychology starting next fall. My vision for the future includes working in helping others at a job I love, spending time with family and friends, traveling and pursuing my interests.


Receiving the Arndt Family Scholarship in 2011 was beyond a blessing for me and my family. My parents have been self employed for my entire life, but when my mother fell ill with a chronic pain disease she became unable to work. They had to quit their hand-painted ceramic tile business and my father began work as a painting contractor. Despite his hard work, the financial burden was palpable and serious questions arose about how we were going to pay for college. The Arndt Family Scholarship changed this. Not only was I able to attend one of the nation’s best universities, I was able to do so debt-free without burden to my parents. It is difficult for me to describe exactly how much this means to me, having seen our family’s struggles and the stress that comes with financial uncertainty. What I can say is that it is an invaluable gift. It has not only secured a better future for me, but for my entire family. It’s not only helped me get through college, but has given me financial freedom that will support me the rest of my life. I cannot be grateful enough.