Cristian Claudio

I, Cristian Claudio Teutli, am a University of Wisconsin-Madison Alumni from the Wisconsin School of Business. I am currently investing in cryptocurrencies with a strong interest in also investing in the stock market, real estate, blockchain technology and other people. I love networking, doing book exchanges, creating multiple streams of income, and am open to opportunities in marketing, social media marketing, entrepreneurship and helping others practice their entrepreneurial spirit. I've lived in Madison for 18 years and am proud to say Patricia Arndt was my math teacher at Black Hawk Middle School!


I have a degree in Marketing and Management & Human Resources (Entrepreneurship).


I am curious about the following questions concerning consumer behavior and the research behind them:

1) Why do consumers make the decisions they do?

2) How do consumers go about making the decisions they do?

3) When are consumers most likely to make those decisions?


I want to become the voice of the consumer by continuously learning and understanding different market segments and their behaviors, especially on social media. I am looking to get hands-on experience/exposure in social media marketing, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency mining. I enjoy learning about the market research behind consumer preferences and needs, both on a conscious and subconscious level, in order to predict market trends and effectively target specific market segments. With my Management & Human Resources major, with a focus on entrepreneurship, I want to continue practicing my entrepreneurial spirit by continuing to grow businesses and work on real-world business group projects with an advertising company or agency in order to make a difference in my community.


My vision is simple. I understand that if one wants to be successful they have to do something they've never done before. The drive to succeed is about proving oneself and making a difference. Success to me means leaving a legacy behind. My goal is to show as many people as possible how to do something different to get something different in a way that will provide more fun, freedom and fulfillment. I want to leave a legacy behind that not only changed my life, but that will continue to change the lives of others for the better, forever.


The Arndt Family Scholarship has changed my life because it made college affordable. Without it, not only would I not be an Arndt scholar, but I would have never gone to college because I had an unstable childhood and was economically disadvantaged. The Arndt Family Scholarship has made it so that talent amongst gifted students who couldn’t afford college not go to waste. The Arndt Family Scholarship has made our community stronger because it has helped students with a vision actually be able to reach their vision with the help of college and the Arndt family. Even though I do not have the last Arndt I feel as if I did because of what this family has done for me. That said, after I graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison it won’t be the last time the Arndt family will see my face.

Thank you,


Bless you all