Abbey Cash

Because of the scholarship that Mr. Arndt graciously awarded me I was financially able to attend the UW after graduating high school, and am now a junior in the Pharmacology and Toxicology Bachelors of Science program within the UW School of Pharmacy. The Pharm/Tox degree is a competitive program that has a large emphasis in teaching undergraduates to become part of the ever-growing world of research, while also allowing students to take classes alongside the Doctorate of Pharmacy students. After becoming a part of this program I began research in David Gamm's lab which, in a general sense, applies Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell technology to vision diseases like Age-Related Macular Degeneration. While learning under Dr. Gamm and his Post-Doctorate Fellow Joe Phillips, I fell in love with vision and the eyes. 

Professional Goals: I will be applying to Doctorate of Optometry programs in September 2015 so that I will be able to attend Optometry School starting September 2016 after graduating the UW in May with a B.S. in Pharmacology and Toxicology, to one day become an Optometrist. 

Vision of the Future: My love of country music and horseback riding, and extreme dislike of winter will drive me from Wisconsin to southern states; maybe the Carolina's or Georgia where Mr. Arndt resides currently. I envision myself as a hard working professional in the field of Optometry, possibly with her own private practice after getting a foot hold in a new southern town. Although I'll be leaving my home state, I will not forget about my education at the UW nor the opportunities that Mr. Arndt gave me while on campus. I hope to be a long lasting part of the Arndt family presence on the UW campus.

Scholarship Impact: The Arndt Family Scholarship has impacted my life in several ways, but two of those are more prominent than others. First, this scholarship has awarded me a chance to work for what I want to achieve in the educational setting at the UW, without being burdened by a lack of financial resources. My classes have become my priority because of this scholarship, and Mr. Arndt has given me much more than funds for my education but rather he provided me the opportunity to be the best student I can be. That provision is priceless. Secondly, this scholarship has allowed me the chance to become apart of a second family. If ever I needed it I undoubtably know that the other Arndt scholars, and individuals who work with this program on campus, would help me with anything I may be struggling with. It allows us to become a part of a smaller unit on such a large, and at times overwhelming, campus. 

Improved My Life: I think it would be an understatement to just simply say that this scholarship has improved my academic life. Mr. Arndt and his generosity have forever changed my life course by affording me the opportunities and resources to become a better student, professional, and overall human being. The Arndt Family and their help is unforgettable, and they have given me a chance to succeed later in life to better impact the lives of many others of whom I will work with. I would like to sincerely thank Mr. Arndt and all the efforts of his family for forever changing young adults lives here in Madison.