Jacob Bradford

I come from a small city inside of Milwaukee.  I was raised by my dad for most of my life; I believe that I have achieved what I have because of the values he taught me and his support.  My sister is currently a freshman at UW-Green Bay. In high school I graduated 10th in my class.
I love history (especially Classics and European), German language and culture, politics, and science fiction.  I was awarded the rank of Eagle Scout in 2014; My Eagle Project was to rebuild my church’s playground. Outside of studying I enjoy reading, working out and spending time with friends.
I am currently a Senior at UW-Madison studying to major in German and Political Science. Last year I had the opportunity to  study abroad in Freiburg, Germany for the 2016-2017 academic year. There I studied at the University and interned at the Federal Military Archives.
Professional Goals: I hope to become a professor of German history at a research institution. I believe that this may be a lofty goal to meet and may take many years to achieve, but I intend to work as hard as I can towards a fulfilling career and a successful life. In the meantime I am working on becoming more fluent in German and applying to graduate schools across the country.
Vision of the Future: My vision for the future for me is to help grow our knowledge and understanding of the German language, history, and culture, and work to educate the next generation to forge even closer ties between Germany and the United States.
Scholarship Impact: I don’t believe that I would be here at UW-Madison if I wasn’t given this generous scholarship.  Even though my father did his best to provide for our family as a single parent, I am paying for my education.  Fortunately, because of this scholarship, I can afford to attend UW-Madison and can focus more on my studies and succeeding rather than the financial aspect.  Many doors have been opened for me because of this scholarship.  Because this scholarship also can transfer abroad, I really will be able to accomplish my dream of visiting and studying in Germany!  I believe that the Arndt Family Scholarship is my opportunity to be successful in my life and make a positive impact upon the world and my family and I are very grateful for this.